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TMJ in Pomona, NY

TMJ in Pomona, NYPatients looking for a cure for teeth grinding can find the help they need with Dr. Jonathan Tiger, a periodontist in Pomona, NY. Bruxism or teeth grinding can cause damage to the teeth and temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Many patients are not aware that they grind their teeth during their sleep. Sometimes it is the patient’s spouse who is first aware of the teeth grinding during sleep due to the loud grating noise.

Occasional bruxism usually does not cause damage to the teeth or TMJ. It is chronic teeth grinding that can result in serious dental issues. Continual grinding over years can wear teeth down, fracture teeth, and damage the TMJ. Chronic teeth grinding can also lead to a change in your facial appearance, headaches and hearing loss.

Patients looking for a cure for teeth grinding can sometimes be helped with a mouth guard that protects your teeth while sleeping. Sometimes a simple adjustment to your bite will help relieve the tendency to grind your teeth. Dr. Tiger, a periodontist in Pomona, NY, can do a thorough evaluation and go over a treatment plan that may prove to be your cure for teeth grinding.

There are several other tips that may help reduce bruxism. Stress reduction, exercise, and sometimes prescription muscle relaxants can reduce teeth grinding. Cutting back on alcohol and caffeine has been helpful to many patients. Avoid chewing gum. The constant chewing can condition the muscles of your jaw to tighten, making you more likely to grind your teeth.

The advances in dental technology allow Dr. Tiger to determine what type of treatment plan may be your cure for teeth grinding. After an evaluation the different treatment options will be discussed with you. It may be as simple as adjusting your bite, wearing a night guard, learning to relax your jaw muscles, or it may take a combination of treatments to find your cure for teeth grinding.

Call today for an appointment with Dr. Tiger to find the right treatment for your teeth grinding before irreversible damage is done to your teeth or TMJ.

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